The Smokers Club Fails, But Meth and Dza make right.

So I copped some tix to the Smokers Club Tour in SF. I got em presale, fo sho, cause Meth, DZA are always a great time. Currency is on the injured list at the moment, so I wasen't really trying to see him rap from a throne. I love to feel my show, I love energy. I got get loud.

Any how my tix never arrived. Thanks to Arists Arena. Fuck them niggas.

I hit up Dza on the twitter and he tells me to come thru.

I drove all the way from San Francisco to see him, but never got the pleasure.

He was going on when I arrived to the venue.

I went to teh back to chill by the outside spot to check if I caught him after the show. I got to listen to him do Continental Kush Breakfast, My fav track on George Kush The Button.

I saw a few jet entourange and Steady gang members posted on the others side of the fence. Vip Status. I was posted by the fence so I can hear Dza rock, but them bitch ass rappers called security on me cause I was posted on the others side of the fence. Security tried to roll me, but I check them niggas wit a quickness. This is LA homie, you dont know what I got in the truck. So act right.

I did end up bumping into my idol Meth in the lot of the show. He chopped it up wit me and I apologized for the wack SF crowd. He treated me like fam. Wu-Tang Fo life

I ended the night swigin fronzen Arnold Palmer slushies @ a lounge on Hollywood blvd. Good Talk.

Send them to the children of the corn!!!!!!!!!!!!

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