Fuck Paterno. I guess football greatness mattered more than a childs innocence.

First off. I love pitt football. The nitny lions have played heinz field and I love the color scheme.

But fuck them. Fuck them with a spiked bat.

Patterno got word about a high ranking chester in the Pitt administration buttfucking a minor at the lions locker room. Patterno did the right thing and reported.

But that was it.

I am sure he got threatened by everyone there. He was told no one would belive him without proof. His job security was threatened.

Oh welll. FUck dat. Chesters get the chair in my book...

I am glad your gone. and the only thing ppl will remember is that you helped cover up a child rapist in your mids.

If this guy was my cellmate. He would dress like lucile ball and would sleep at my feet like the beast he is.

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