Fredddie Gibbs @ 330 Ritch.

Last night was a good time. Freddie, Jack. Hash and fans. People in the city came from all camps. Skaters, stoners, hoodrats, and mafia.

I got to the show and saw that freddie was outside chillin wit jack. Errtime I bump into jack he gettin his girl scout on. So we glady partook in the circle and even shared my top shelf hash wit them niggaz.

They was like you wtf is dat. I told freddie is a 5 gram hash tower. % different flavors from the Igzactly Dispensary. Shout out to Happy Wednesday@ igzactly.

I told em I had just came from the only true hash bar in the city and they was tryin to peep but it was like 11 pm and they close at ten.

Anyhow. We finished blowin and freddie took the stage.

He ripped through STr8 killah as a crowed of mixed refuse bobbed their heads back and forth. this is hiphop.

ill post an accapella when I get home. Gangsta Gibbs Hoe!

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