So last night i went to San Fran General Hopital with 104 fever. These bitches are so lame. You can tell they got the job for the pay. I swear these muthafuckas gotta stop getting jobs for the pay. I dont want you being in medicine if you have a bad attitude, or you have become desensitized to others needs. Now I see how a lady can die in the ER and not be found for hours later. I swear to God these assholes could give a shit about sick people. All they care about is putting in their shift and getting off to masturbate with a noose around their necks.

Witch brings me to my next point....>Teachers.

You loosers get a real job. Just because a teaching degree is the not that hard to get does not qualify you to teach others. You fuck, do something that you like. Not something thats not hard to do. All you bitch ass teachers that hate their job, only got the job cause you were brave enough to do a real job.

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