The Review of IGZACTLY420.com

I went here last night. they hella took care of me.

I copped some treats and choco milk. But these cat did not who they was fuckin wit. Sick SKillah BLow da bomb shit bitch. So after eating one treat. That I wont name cause If i dont feel it, it needs to disapear. THis is Top Shelf SHit Dot Com, cant fuck with benchwarmer strains or weak treats.

I went back, and they gave my my bread back. He gave me cash and charged my card for the happy wednesday hash special. So I took home the Ak47, Blue berry, blue dream x head band,Rivendale, B.S.E. (what eva that shit is.)

Im bout to blow. and hashin=no bloggin see ya manana.

Currently Bumpin Big K.R.I.T sounds wit dza on the mic.

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