Past To Present

I know this pic means nothing to anyone. But to me this shit is the realest pic. I have seen in a minute. On the riiiigh we go the lengendary Louise Freese from East Los. On the left, we got Dza.

These two rappers are making moves at different stages of their life.

On one had, B-real is a legend. who has been going for years, but never really hit the commercial success he was due impart for being dubbed a stoner rapper.

Then you Got DZA. The realest nigga around. Who is proud of his weed raps like no other. But don't get it twisted, this nigga is deep to. He's got two kids that inspire his music and it come thought the booth.

I feel as if this is a flame being passed by B-real to Dza. Who will keep the torch lit.

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