SF Elections and Tree.

Medical Marijuana has a few ppl in the race to be the next alcoholic in charge.
Newsome left some cool ppl in office.

So when I vote, which I won't, cause i am an illegal immigrant.

I would vote for:

Police Commisioiner Davide ONEK.
I would vote for him because he said "The Drug war is a total failure, I think the system is bankrupt. Bottomline is I support medical cannabis 100% as I will never prosecute those abiding by state and local rules.

Who not to vote for:

Assemblymember leland Yee-
I would not vote for this bitch cause she blocked a dispensary from being put up in the sunset district, but now she is cool with weed.

District Attorney George Gascon

This foo is a bitch as ranker. Who used to be a republican but now he got turned out by newsome and vote democrat. No way don't ever trust a bitch that switch.

Keep it real or GTFO!

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