Sleepless in SF.

Dammm I about to blow some tree cause I can't sleep.

Currently Listening to: Hustler's Prayer By Big K.R.I.T. and Nephew. This shit is some gangsta shit I fall asleep to.

Cause my dreams of massacrerin these coppas, Helps me sleep @ night
All i want is to write my name on the side of police car with my choppa.
I exhale the tricrhome smoke to the beat as I seek sleep From my paper chasin life.
I gotta stay ready cause errday I gotta roll dem dice.

I just copped smile back from that pussy mac miller. Riiiiiiight. I copped it off hulkshare then I tweeted it cause Mac taught me its cool to steal beats.

In the zone of a whole zone.
Niggaz need to feel the fear.
Cause these security guard can't stop a bullet.
But not all of mine,
Cause I rise and shine like nicky from diamond supply
I stay fly, as these niggaz gaze by.
They rubber neckers'

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