Fuck Black Friday. Fuck it to Hell.

Last black friday, I made the mistake to think I could acutally buy a LCD tv.

I showed up to the target in the nicest area in Orange County. I arrived @ 1030.

We slept in line. I was cold and had to sit in a chair with a blanket until 4 am.

Once the doors were to be opened. People started running. Not like a pack of runners. But as a heard of wilderbeast being stalked by a lion.

I heard women say some of the meanest gangster things I have ever heard white bitches say.

And these white women were upper middle class white women talking like truckers.

Moral of the story, I almost punched a bitch. I got not tv and I told the manager he was a fucktard for advertising the sale and not having enough supply.

Don;t do it friends.

Black Friday is Vat.

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