This fucking world is a mind heist, thats why I sling bootlegd copies of zeitgeist.

Zeitgeist: The Movie - 2007 by Peter Joseph from ZeitgeistMovie.com on Vimeo.


Yahoo Fantasy Football Finals

First time I have made the finals in Fantasy Foosball.

I'd like to thank punk ass corso for helping me get rid of all my star players.

Except Cam.

I'd like to thank my television and its many forms of information. and best of all my brain.


Top Shelf Shit

Faded as pair of hand me down jeans
.sippin lean, dippin swishers in permethasene. Nah mean.
Ticket to ride. White line highway. Tell all them hoes. the can copp my way.
we can have fun. we can roll my way.
rollin the dro. smash thru the highway..


Fantasy football

I'm back in the hunt.

The World Is Yours

I can't call it, the beats make me fallin asleep
I keep fallin, but never fallin six feet deep
I'm out for presidents to represent me
I'm out for dead presidents to represent me


Free Jolly. Six Years for some Purple Drank...WTF???

Fredddie Gibbs @ 330 Ritch.

Last night was a good time. Freddie, Jack. Hash and fans. People in the city came from all camps. Skaters, stoners, hoodrats, and mafia.

I got to the show and saw that freddie was outside chillin wit jack. Errtime I bump into jack he gettin his girl scout on. So we glady partook in the circle and even shared my top shelf hash wit them niggaz.

They was like you wtf is dat. I told freddie is a 5 gram hash tower. % different flavors from the Igzactly Dispensary. Shout out to Happy Wednesday@ igzactly.

I told em I had just came from the only true hash bar in the city and they was tryin to peep but it was like 11 pm and they close at ten.

Anyhow. We finished blowin and freddie took the stage.

He ripped through STr8 killah as a crowed of mixed refuse bobbed their heads back and forth. this is hiphop.

ill post an accapella when I get home. Gangsta Gibbs Hoe!


Michael J Fox Rips JohnnyBGood.

The Smoker's Club Free Mixtape DL.

The Smoker's Club

We are the 99 %- Occupy World Wide

Jet Set Where Haven't we been.

Snoop and Wiz Movie

Matthew Stafford is Riot Starter

I now love this bears team.

My Sick Symphoniez Fan Page

More info to Come.

Sick Symphonies
Sick Symphonies Pics

I ain't afraid to Die Homie, I am afraid of not living.

Mobb Deep "Conquer" (prod. by Havoc)

So most of you niggaz know me. Skilah714 aka Argue1 aka Big Mando From OC aka only True ass crook with no convictions. What and who the fuck do I care. At the Age of fifteen, my best friend and mentor was gunned down. At the Age of 16 i carried a 9mm to my sisters video store to rent movies. I ran with teh dopest, I stay wit them killas. So wtf am I afraid of....Nothing. Not even dancing with the devil. I can rot in a cell smiling as longs as my ppl come first.

But Big Mando is scared. Scarred of not living. Of not feeling. Of not seeing paris thru a boeing 747 window. I want it all now. I want the world. I want to see it all before I go. But lately. I feel hes coming for me. I smell him as i sleep. he wisper in my sleep. If he was flesh Id put a hollowpoint in his chest.

I feel like I am dying.

I have lost so much weight I look like a termenally patient.

Do I have a fear of cancer? Yes, I have a fear of cancer cause that bitch killed anthony. He was 8 yrs old.

Do I have a fear of aids? Yes, My father died of aids from sharing needles.

Am I afraid of Dying? NO..

Nothing would make me happier than to die? If I was done. But I aint done. I still have more to spit, more stories to give, and a second chance to live.

But I am a fighter. Always have been. I just need time to reflect, recollect, and retrospect. Move on and move forward, Life hard keep livinn, its not meant to start over. We gotta take each day as given


Tower Heist

This movie was non stop laughs an crazy ass antics.
The Academy Award Goes To: Eddie Murphy.

I missed when eddie would make fun of lame ass white folks He owns.

Story starts with this punk as white boy who kisses his bosses ass line one of my red head friends. He eventually finds out that his boss is doing securites fraud, but will get away with it.

During his fraud dealings he stole the pension from all his workers.

So the workers strike back. Communist stand up!.....Pro vs. Bourge.

Love it..

Immortals 11.11.11

Amazing. Puts 300 to shame. Not only in the visual but in story line.
The academy award: Mickey rourke.
This show is ur typical flick. But somehow it owns on all levels. I did not find a flaw, I u do. The I gottabone ta pick wit ya. I give this movie an A-.only cause I wish I was the starring roll.

See this movie if u don't like it go get ur money back. But do it before the film ends. Movie theater give u your money back if you leave before the end credits roll. True story.

Join Datpiff for free Mixtapes and be cool like me.

Chino Xl Spits @ Sinfuls Bday Party

Dont Sleep.

Stay up and Bake w/ Circa Survive


Cant Sleep.

Cant Smoke too much cause I cough.

I dont know why I havent been blowing tree. I have hash. I have top shelf. Why? Maybe I want this cough to go away all together.


Dj Quik Tribute to Heavy D.

My Page - PinupLifestyle.com

My Page - PinupLifestyle.com

I don't Need Love- Evidence

Freddie Gibbs Statik Slelektah

Freddie Fuckin Wit Fitty

Velasquez -VS- DosSantos

Live Broadcasting for Cain Velasquez vs Junior Dos Santos

Watch live video from skiler714 on www.justin.tv

Join The Movement-Willie Nelson Is Da Man.

Fuck Black Friday. Fuck it to Hell.

Last black friday, I made the mistake to think I could acutally buy a LCD tv.

I showed up to the target in the nicest area in Orange County. I arrived @ 1030.

We slept in line. I was cold and had to sit in a chair with a blanket until 4 am.

Once the doors were to be opened. People started running. Not like a pack of runners. But as a heard of wilderbeast being stalked by a lion.

I heard women say some of the meanest gangster things I have ever heard white bitches say.

And these white women were upper middle class white women talking like truckers.

Moral of the story, I almost punched a bitch. I got not tv and I told the manager he was a fucktard for advertising the sale and not having enough supply.

Don;t do it friends.

Black Friday is Vat.


New Fire From Nephew

Nephew ft. Lil Boosie - Hate Me by TheRealNephew

Los Angeles Feat. Flycat from Spain.

Far Left Crew Ev. Fash. ALC

One of my Favorite West Coast Super Groups.

These niggaz is GIANT.

Slaughterhouse who?

Only team thats even on this level is sick symphoniez.


Fuck Paterno. I guess football greatness mattered more than a childs innocence.

First off. I love pitt football. The nitny lions have played heinz field and I love the color scheme.

But fuck them. Fuck them with a spiked bat.

Patterno got word about a high ranking chester in the Pitt administration buttfucking a minor at the lions locker room. Patterno did the right thing and reported.

But that was it.

I am sure he got threatened by everyone there. He was told no one would belive him without proof. His job security was threatened.

Oh welll. FUck dat. Chesters get the chair in my book...

I am glad your gone. and the only thing ppl will remember is that you helped cover up a child rapist in your mids.

If this guy was my cellmate. He would dress like lucile ball and would sleep at my feet like the beast he is.

Fuck All Who Doubted! Carson Palmer!

Fuck you Yahoo Sports
Fuck you Chris Chase
And Especially a sincere fuck you goes to the Cincinnati Bengals.
You bitches thought #3 was done.
We out.

Good Night West Texas


Minus The Bear repo

This song reminds me of staying up till dawn writting paper on my sisters paper. while I blogged about how much Dr.Garcia was fucking micro manager. I turned in my report for sppss and saw that he was wearing a minus the bear shirt. Only in the bay.

This reminds me of how much I hate that I starte smoking camel wides with my homie that is now in prison for stealing identitiies.

Curren$y Freestyle. Blow a chop and add a beat. You got fire.

Dza Purp & Sour

I want a bear made of good wood.

Black Star @ Mezzanine


Can Velazques Bo Dog Fight. VS Jerimiah Constant.

He kills it.


<a href='http://foxsports.com?vid=cc474626-0acb-431d-967b-860ef577e4c2&mkt=en-us&from=sp^en-us&src=FLPl:embed::uuids' target='_new' title='UFC Primetime: Velasquez v. dos Santos' >Video: UFC Primetime: Velasquez v. dos Santos</a>

Come to my house on the day of the fight for beer weed and food.

tell me what ull bring. No cheapskates. No Dirt Weed. Only Top Shelf Shit

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Blasting Fashawn VS Kid Cudi

The Jacka. West Coast Nightmare. Don't Sleep.

This is the bay areas A-list talent rapper.

Who gave me trees on day in Santa Cruz

He spits with the likes of Bay area Giants like. MObFigaz, Andre Nickatina, Blanco, Zion I.

Check his shit. Follow em on twitter.

High as fuck off purple.
Rapppin on my mind
Tryin do em both and get my bread at the same time.

B.S.E. Anyone know what that is?

1 hit quit. pure fire. Hastastic.

My girl is so made I wont stop coughing dat I need to put the bong down.
She said I sound the old man from Kung Pow. She know its purp that I'm blowin, i got it by the pouns.

now american horror stories

The Review of IGZACTLY420.com

I went here last night. they hella took care of me.

I copped some treats and choco milk. But these cat did not who they was fuckin wit. Sick SKillah BLow da bomb shit bitch. So after eating one treat. That I wont name cause If i dont feel it, it needs to disapear. THis is Top Shelf SHit Dot Com, cant fuck with benchwarmer strains or weak treats.

I went back, and they gave my my bread back. He gave me cash and charged my card for the happy wednesday hash special. So I took home the Ak47, Blue berry, blue dream x head band,Rivendale, B.S.E. (what eva that shit is.)

Im bout to blow. and hashin=no bloggin see ya manana.

Currently Bumpin Big K.R.I.T sounds wit dza on the mic.

SF Elections and Tree.

Medical Marijuana has a few ppl in the race to be the next alcoholic in charge.
Newsome left some cool ppl in office.

So when I vote, which I won't, cause i am an illegal immigrant.

I would vote for:

Police Commisioiner Davide ONEK.
I would vote for him because he said "The Drug war is a total failure, I think the system is bankrupt. Bottomline is I support medical cannabis 100% as I will never prosecute those abiding by state and local rules.

Who not to vote for:

Assemblymember leland Yee-
I would not vote for this bitch cause she blocked a dispensary from being put up in the sunset district, but now she is cool with weed.

District Attorney George Gascon

This foo is a bitch as ranker. Who used to be a republican but now he got turned out by newsome and vote democrat. No way don't ever trust a bitch that switch.

Keep it real or GTFO!

Freddie Gibbs Comin To SF...RIiiiiiiiiight!!!!!

This is one of the new kids on the block. He is fuckin wit fiddy and makin trails. His style reminds me of ispectadec wit a lill Pappooose. Maybe not...whaddau think?

Download Link to this jam with Daz Dillenjah

Show in SF.

Sleepless in SF.

Dammm I about to blow some tree cause I can't sleep.

Currently Listening to: Hustler's Prayer By Big K.R.I.T. and Nephew. This shit is some gangsta shit I fall asleep to.

Cause my dreams of massacrerin these coppas, Helps me sleep @ night
All i want is to write my name on the side of police car with my choppa.
I exhale the tricrhome smoke to the beat as I seek sleep From my paper chasin life.
I gotta stay ready cause errday I gotta roll dem dice.

I just copped smile back from that pussy mac miller. Riiiiiiight. I copped it off hulkshare then I tweeted it cause Mac taught me its cool to steal beats.

In the zone of a whole zone.
Niggaz need to feel the fear.
Cause these security guard can't stop a bullet.
But not all of mine,
Cause I rise and shine like nicky from diamond supply
I stay fly, as these niggaz gaze by.
They rubber neckers'


My collection of Crooks hats. Work in Progress.

Crooks and Castles is the shit.

Check out Dollaz prod. By Up North Productions.

Cat can spit.

Girl Scout Cookies Review

This shit is fire. It is what everyone wants to smoke in the Bay Area. All the Rappers are talking about it. Its Wiz Khalifa bud of choice. Why?

Because its top shelf thats why.

The high is a hybrid high that hits the head the instant you blow it.

Its spicy so its hard to hold in.

THe high last about an hour and 15 minutes. from my experience.

If you have a chance to copp it out side of the city. Please do ma niggaz this shit will not disappoint.

Mac Miller is Bitch

Mac Miller stole a beat from these cats. When they confront him. He lies like a scared bitch. Runs away and tells them he never got the email.

Later we see they did get a response from Mac Miller. Who is now a bitch ass stealling lil faggot that better not come back to the bay.

Mac Miler Exposed as a Chirtian Rapper

You know hes doing it...lol

Mac miller rips the mic. The web keeps saying no. It's not mac. hes not wack. By the way he is jewish. Hes jewish. Stop bashing him...lol wether its mac miller or not.

Someone just got some bad press.

ala Jay z to prodigy on dat summer jam screen.

Wiz Khalifa Disses Ghost Face Killah

Love this Track. topshelfshit.com
Wiz is not trying to Dis Ghost. Thats a Fact, callin a nigga corny is him trying not to look dumb. Now if he said some shit like fuck Wu. Or someshit? It be ova from the get go.
Soon as us sell out nowandazy ur Career goes down the toilet cause the masses no longer buy music. Fake shit gets no play.
Wiz is still a good artist. ARTIST. Ghost=MC. As an MC he has to be real. Wiz was on his radar until he made radio friendly roll up.

New Fire from DZA Big K.R.I.T. and Nephew


New Fire from Nephew off Dza's Label

Past To Present

I know this pic means nothing to anyone. But to me this shit is the realest pic. I have seen in a minute. On the riiiigh we go the lengendary Louise Freese from East Los. On the left, we got Dza.

These two rappers are making moves at different stages of their life.

On one had, B-real is a legend. who has been going for years, but never really hit the commercial success he was due impart for being dubbed a stoner rapper.

Then you Got DZA. The realest nigga around. Who is proud of his weed raps like no other. But don't get it twisted, this nigga is deep to. He's got two kids that inspire his music and it come thought the booth.

I feel as if this is a flame being passed by B-real to Dza. Who will keep the torch lit.

god dam green overload

New Fire From Smoke Dza

New Fire from Curren$y Camp.

Word on the streets is dat the new kid from cool kids is joining the camp. More flows from yung roddy, trademark. Keep it up planes.


So last night i went to San Fran General Hopital with 104 fever. These bitches are so lame. You can tell they got the job for the pay. I swear these muthafuckas gotta stop getting jobs for the pay. I dont want you being in medicine if you have a bad attitude, or you have become desensitized to others needs. Now I see how a lady can die in the ER and not be found for hours later. I swear to God these assholes could give a shit about sick people. All they care about is putting in their shift and getting off to masturbate with a noose around their necks.

Witch brings me to my next point....>Teachers.

You loosers get a real job. Just because a teaching degree is the not that hard to get does not qualify you to teach others. You fuck, do something that you like. Not something thats not hard to do. All you bitch ass teachers that hate their job, only got the job cause you were brave enough to do a real job.


Bling Bling VS. Bling Bang.

Mexican Cartels get Lord of war wit it. As seen in the movie lord of war with nick cage and jerod Leto. Mexican Cartels are starting to accessorize their fully auto matic weapons in order to no have the harsh black matte paint clash with the golden ostrich boots.

I wonder if the bullets are made or silver or gold. Anyhow it looks like the cartel is following the footstes of rappers with too much money. Lets paint that shit gold .....ala atmosphere. peace

Video of Today


Occupy Rally.

Fuck all Police first of all.

Secondly, I was thinking about all the different rallies going on all around the country. I smell rummors of cops, republicans, church leaders, plotting and scheaming on how to bring down the protestors.

We all need to think about where we would be if we didn't have a steady paycheck or the EDD year coming to and end. What side of the fence would you be on?

You still paying student loans on your mc job salary? You loose your job due to out sourcing?

The Smokers Club Fails, But Meth and Dza make right.

So I copped some tix to the Smokers Club Tour in SF. I got em presale, fo sho, cause Meth, DZA are always a great time. Currency is on the injured list at the moment, so I wasen't really trying to see him rap from a throne. I love to feel my show, I love energy. I got get loud.

Any how my tix never arrived. Thanks to Arists Arena. Fuck them niggas.

I hit up Dza on the twitter and he tells me to come thru.

I drove all the way from San Francisco to see him, but never got the pleasure.

He was going on when I arrived to the venue.

I went to teh back to chill by the outside spot to check if I caught him after the show. I got to listen to him do Continental Kush Breakfast, My fav track on George Kush The Button.

I saw a few jet entourange and Steady gang members posted on the others side of the fence. Vip Status. I was posted by the fence so I can hear Dza rock, but them bitch ass rappers called security on me cause I was posted on the others side of the fence. Security tried to roll me, but I check them niggas wit a quickness. This is LA homie, you dont know what I got in the truck. So act right.

I did end up bumping into my idol Meth in the lot of the show. He chopped it up wit me and I apologized for the wack SF crowd. He treated me like fam. Wu-Tang Fo life

I ended the night swigin fronzen Arnold Palmer slushies @ a lounge on Hollywood blvd. Good Talk.

Send them to the children of the corn!!!!!!!!!!!!